Why Our Placement Service Really Costs You Nothing

Why Our Tenant Placement Service Costs You Nothing 
As a landlord you have the goal of maximizing the return on your investment while ensuring it is protected and maintained. We can do this for you, and do it so effectively and efficiently, that it really costs you nothing.

We do charge for our placement service, for locating a quality tenant, but here’s why we can do it for less, and more quickly than you can, and effectively save you the cost of it.

1. Advertising

If you make use of our placement service, you pay nothing for advertising. We advertise your rental property in every issue of the following daily and weekly local publications:

Lake County Record-Bee Clearlake Observer Penny Slaver

2. Online Advertising

We place your property on our highly trafficked website: www.lakecounty-realestate.com. We have around 1000 unique visitors every week, many of them potential tenants looking for rental properties on our website. This is exposure for your property you otherwise can not accomplish.

3. Our Mailing List

We have a mailing list of potential tenants of over 350. When we secure new rental properties, we email the information to them. We may already have a tenant waiting for your property. Some of our landlords have changed tenants without losing a single day of rent. This is a form of exposure that a landlord does not otherwise have the exposure to.

4. Window Display

We place color flyers with photographs in our office window which potential tenants can view 24/7.

5. Handling Enquiries

Our property management office is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm. We have staff handling calls personally throughout these times, without defaulting to voice mail. Do you have the time to do this?

6. Showings

Our staff is available Monday through Friday to show your property to potential tenants, and on the weekend by appointment. All this means that we can find you a tenant much more quickly than most landlords on their own. This reduces the amount of time that your property will be vacant, and eliminates your advertising expenditure in terms of both time and money, to the extent that our service saves you more than it cost and so is effectively free.

Right now we are offering a discounted placement services of 75% of one month’s rent. This means that if we can rent your property 3 weeks faster than you can, our service is effectively free. Experience shows that, on average, we do even better than this.

7. Screening Tenants

But, even if you find a tenant who would like to rent your home, how do you screen them to ensure that they can be trusted to pay the rent and look after your property? We have often seen that landlords renting their property without making use of a professional property manager, be less discriminating as to who they rent to, and as a result, endure the negative consequences of a bad tenant. We screen all our tenant applicants checking the following background information:

Credit History
 Current Income
 Past Landlord References
 Personal References

In fact, our screening is so thorough, that bad tenants know to avoid us, and instead look to find a landlord to deal with directly who might be more susceptible to personal charm, and less rigorous in checking on their past history and ability to pay the rent.

A bad tenant can cause considerable damage and significant financial cost to a landlord, as well as personal stress. Never rent your property without proper screening. We do complete screening on all our tenant applicants. The decision as to who you rent your property to is still yours, but we give you the information you need to make your best decision. Using our placement service greatly reduces the risk of you having a bad tenant experience, and thereby can save you even thousands of dollars.

In conclusion, our landlords find that our placement service, not only effectively costs them nothing to find a quality, fully-screened tenant, it also mitigates them against the risk of having a bad tenant experience, and therefore can save them many times over what it costs.

Monthly Management

We can also manage your property on a month to month basis. This enables your investment to become almost completely passive. Our landlords have told us that we have had been able to be more effective in doing this, than they can on their own. Because of our professional position of responsibility to our landlords, we strictly enforce payment deadlines with our tenants, and always charge penalties if they are late in paying the rent. We are not susceptible to hard-luck stories from tenants. We promptly file 3 day notices if a tenant gets behind, and as a result, our tenants pay their rent on time, and evictions are relatively rare.

Now is a time of unique opportunity to enter the landlord business where rental return relative to cost of purchase, with low property prices, and low interest rates, are at an all time high. The prospect of substantial capital gain in the medium term is also high, with a lack of building in both Lake County and the state such that a housing shortage is imminent. When the impact of this hits, we will see both higher rents and much higher real estate prices.

Property Investment Consulting

We have 30 years of successful experience in residential property investment. We have had the experience of making substantial capital gains through this form of investment, which has produced substantial wealth for ourselves and others, without the risk of sudden, unpredictable price falls that the stock market has. Instead you have a tangible asset, and an essential commodity. We also have real-life experience of the risks, and how to mitigate against them. Our real estate professionals can help you develop an investment strategy for yourself that can get you an income producing asset that gives you the benefit of capital gain.
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