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We always ask our clients to write or email us, and tell us truthfully how they appreciated our service to them.

Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about me...

"Timothy and his team just completed the sale of my home in Whispering Pines, CA. I picked Timothy as my real estate agent specifically because of his unique expertise in handling real estate transactions in the Cobb area. The entire process of selling my home proved beyond any doubt that I made a perfect choice of the agent. Selling homes in the Whispering Pines is not simple because of some unique conditions like community operated water access or unusual fire hazard situation. In my specific case the extra challenge stemmed from the fact that the home is by common standards a "mountain cottage" while its interior falls more into a category of a modern elegant city home. I was hoping for getting a bit of a premium on the sale price because of the quality interior but I kept my expectations low being realistic about how the local area homes typically sell. Timothy made my dreams come through. He listened carefully to my preferences. He suggested the close-to-optimal listing price and cleverly handled the process of making price adjustments to land a deal at a very sweat price point. The whole experience of interacting with Timothy's team at various points of the sale cycle was very pleasant and as smooth as one can wish for. I cannot find words to adequately express my appreciation for the service I received from this real estate business." -Z Sufelta, Seller

"We had a more than a few realtors in the past. It was a tough sale of this house b/c various reasons, covid, and fell out of escrow twice. Timothy has excellent marketing skills. He has the patience to seal the deal. He even got us more money in the end. We appreciated his tenacity. " - Christopher & Wendy Querin, Sellers

Timothy provided all I needed in all ways for moving the house to sale in a time frame and at a price that worked for me, keeping me informed all the way and all in a realistic and professional fashion. All was kept good with buyers. I am now living out of state and there were a number of details about the house that he handled for me in my absence, which I much appreciated 

– Richard S 

"Timothy personally, effectively, and swiftly handled the entire process of selling my home in Cobb Mountain in 2014; during a period where I resided in Sonoma County- and was unable to be present or manage aspects of the sale on my own. I was very satisfied and would recommend his team to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in the area. Thank you Timothy!"- Michael Doucette (Facebook review)

Timothy Toye is an amazing person. Easy to deal with. Listens. Quick to respond. He has a great knowledge of real estate and the local community. I felt safe with his decisions, and I felt he was really working for me.  - Jennifer Duty

We live in Southern CA, but we were looking to purchase a home recently in Lake County. We really didn't know the area or what we were looking at. After viewing many homes, online, we came across one of Timothy's listings with a video that showed the home, and all features, step-by-step. It was so well done and gave us such a good feel for the home that we made an offer without seeing it in person. Once we were able to see it in person, we loved it even more, and it is now our home! Moving in next month. Timothy was such a pleasure to work with, and he was very responsive to all of our needs and questions. Thank you to Timothy! We highly recommend. Tracy     LaChapelle and Sid Wagner

Thanks Timothy. You delivered as you said you would! I remember when you told me that we could probably close escrow within 3 months of the house going up for sale and that is exactly what happened. It is a relief to move on even though we miss the house. – Steve Whitt

"My husband and I have sold three different properties over 5 years with Timothy Toye and Associates.   These include a house with acreage, bare land and a manufactured home on a lot.  All of the properties were professionally photographed and advertised.  All sold within a short amount of time (two within days) for at or near the asking price.  On one of the properties Timothy went above and beyond to reach our asking price and on another he arranged our owner financing with the buyer, completing credit checks etc.   We would highly recommend him to anyone in the market to sell a house!" 

- Denise & Bill

"Thank you very much for helping us buy our first plot of land! You foung us great options and promptly help us close the deal. It's a great feeling to be land-owners. Thank you again for your time and guidance." - Shaunti & Marko

"Thank you for your help in selling our Lake County property. Excellent service!" Brian L

“I have known Timothy for a long time. I know him to be hard working, and extremely knowledgeable. I trust his judgement in understanding what it is that I am looking for." – Greg & Rebekah Sharp

"Timothy helped my mom and I buy two properties within the last six months. He kept appointments, did research, answered questions and explained things. He was patient, made himself available, responded in a timely manner, and followed through with things. And he made sure that the sellers honored their commitment. He even walked up a steep 4 acre hill side to delineate our new property line. We would and will use Timothy again. We give him our best regards." - Joyce & Craig, Buyers

"All was handled Perfectly. Toye & Associates is very dependable - efficient professionals that give sound advise with pricing listings & accepting offers." - R. Hearn - Cobb Listing

"Thank you! I really felt a trust when dealing with Timothy. I know it was not a big sale for him, But! he was helpful, went out of his way to help get the property sold. I live in L.A. and it was a fairly simple process to get all of the paperwork finished/signed, etc. Thank you so much@ I know you put a lot of effort into selling my property." - J. Smith - Cobb Listing

"One more time it has been a pleasure working with you on this deal, your professionalism is what made this challenging deal possible. Thank you, Tim, once again." - Pepe Mendoza - Bilingual Realtor

"I told Tim Toye I wanted to sell a residence I owned.  He said he would be glad to be of service.  I believe he informed me within days that he had an offer.  It was within the range I wanted.  The sale closed four weeks or so later.  Fast, efficient, painless.  Timothy Toye & Associates are all pros." - D Nevraumont

"Timothy Toye and his team worked very hard for us and received immediate offers. All things proceeded smoothly, and we were always able to count on Timothy and his staff for helping us with every need we had as sellers." - Gary & Dennis, Cobb 

"Timothy Toye is very professional, the virtual tour is extremely informative. Timothy is very prompt. I just recommend him to someone in the Riviera."- Bess Sage, Kelseyville

"I wanted to take the time to tell you "Thank You" again for all of the time you spent working on our house. I know it was exhausting. Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. Best of luck :-)" - Kim & Kevin Mildenberger, Cobb

"I couldn't ask for a more supportive, professional, and understanding agent. Thank you times a million." - L. Cade

"Timothy was the most professional of all staying on top of every aspect of this "Hud" sale, my lender, and the escrow company.  I was ready to walk away a couple of times because of the various factors that lead to a closing date that was 6 weeks later than anticipated, but Timothy's steadfast persistence, and calmness helped hold me in place, and now I have a beautiful home that I got at a good price." - Margaret Linde 


"We have dealt with many Real Estate companies over the years.  Timothy Toye & Associates has been one of our best and most professional experience. He and his staff really stayed on top of the "Short Sale" transaction.  He understood our concerns and kept us updated as needed. Thank you." - Carolyn Czapleski 

"Thank you!  We appreciate all your help!  It went so fast and we are excited for the future!  It was a pleasure doing business with you!" - Melissa and Tony 


"Thanks so much for your efforts.  You earned your commission several times over on this deal. Have a great day" Doug B.

"Every aspect of my purchase was handled perfectly" - Matthew Uribe 

"In a  terrible market, Timothy has sold two of our three properties at a good price with no hassles.  What more could you ask for?" - Barry Flicker 


     I highly recommend Timothy Toye & his associates for their professional demeanor & knowledgeable assistance in selling our Clear Lake Riviera home.
    He was willing to work with my son as I have been wrought with the responsiblities of a critically ill husband.  
 Since we had located a buyer, we were able to use his 2-4-6 commission program to lessen our selling expenses.
    It was refresing to find an honest & capable realtor to handle the various problems associated with the sale of an older property.
 Joyce Morrison, owner 
 June 11, 2013

           After listing my lots with Timothy Toye, we received an offer within one month and closed escrow in less than 40 days.  This is astounding in today's economy.  I was pleased with his results and expect to do business with him again.
         Timothy Toye and his staff worked diligently to promote the listing of my lots, using a detailed description on his website to list all the features.  Unlike most realtors, he was very thorough in taking many photos and researching the lots for future development.  He highlighted the property with numerous photos and made sure all the utilities were mentioned.  
         Many other listings for land were competing for buyers at the same time, but none had such well-written text and photos as mine.  Timothy and his staff were always available to return my calls or emails and reached me quickly as things developed.  He was honest in his assessment of pricing the proerty, but respected my decision.
 Eileen G. 
 April 17, 2013

". . .I couldn't imagine dealing with anyone as professional & pleasant as Timothy . Would most definitely recommend your services further." - Nirit Stephens 


Timothy and his associates povided the best service and support I could have asked for during these challenging times.  Living in a  different county and dealing with selling a home is a challenge in itself.  I wouldn't even hesitate to contact Timothy again if I ever have the need for his realistic expertise.
 Thank you! all!
 Ginny Cannon 

 'Tim Toye & all his staff are all professionals, efficient & sincerely caring for a customer.  This is my first time to do business with them & I am very much impressed with their quality of service.  I am contracting with them as our property manager to handle our Kelseyville property." 

Thank you,
 Loy C. Rayos 
 Oct. 31, 2012

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