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Every Summer before the new school year starts we do THE BACK-TO-SCHOOL BACKPACK PROGRAM. This is to buy as many backpacks as possible to donate to elementary schools throughout Lake County. This last year we distributed 85 backpacks, purchased through the generosity of the local community. For several years Rendee has organized this program to ensure that children in need of a backpack can be given one. Di Cordoza of Cobb Elementary School said Rendee was a favorite of the many students she voluntarily tutored for over 10 years and is known throughout Cobb as an advocate for children, education and a deep sense of community. Many of our clients participated as well our associates and other local realtors helped in distributing backpacks to schools throughout the county. Rendee expressed her gratitude to those who helped this program be such a big success this year. “Many thanks to the wonderful people throughout the county who were so generous making this the most successful year to date.  

2009 Donor List
Ernie Taylor
Timothy Toye
Bruce Burns & Rendee Burns 
Debbie Eggers
Vicky Huston
Judy Cortesi 
Terrina Szymczak & Ernie Szymczack
Donna Strickler
Dennis Johnson
Celia ( Cobb Texaco)
Creekside Deli
Laura Youles
Pam MacLeod
Sinda Knight
Jim Ziebel
Venette Feldstien
John & Judy Serres
Jim Wright
Jim Budzinski
Charlie Lamorte
Robert & Brenda Stark
Joanne Williams
Brian & Gladys Radecke
Montana Burns
Jamie Salminas
Marilyn Hoberg-Angelly
Darlene Hecomovich
Rob Roy Golf Course
Sandy Hoberg-Fox
Lisa Dubois
Timothy Toye and Associates
Timothy Toye and Associates
(707) 928-6900
16360 Hwy. 175 HY Cobb CA 95426
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