These are some tips based on my years of experience in real estate, that should help you in selecting a Realtor to market your home. Use these whether or not you are working with me. They will help save you from making a wrong decision that could cost you.

1. Not interviewing more than one real estate agent.

Find out what your options are ahead of time. Selling your home, or any property, is a serious financial decision. Be sure that you are making the right decision. All realtors are not alike. In fact the success rates vary greatly. You may have a friend in the business and you want to do them a favor, but will they be doing you a favor? Your right choice of realtor will make you money and save you time.

2. Not getting a written Comparative Market Analysis.

The pricing of your home on the market is extremely important in ensuring you get the best possible price for your home, taking into account the time demands you are under, whilst ensuring that your property is still competitive on the market. It's dangerous to list your property above the market, in that you will put serious buyers off, and cause your property to become stale, so that you fail to get where you need to be in selling your home. It's dangerous to underprice your home, because you will be giving up your equity unnecessarily. Be sure that your agent takes the time to research and gather the appropriate information that pertains to your property and that you are given a written estimate of value. Anything less cannot be regarded as careful and professional. And professional is what you must require to ensure that your real estate experience is as successful as can be.

3. Listing with an inexperienced real estate agent.

Your home is most often your most valued asset. List it with a Realtor who has a track record of success, and will ensure that your experience in selling your property will likewise be successful. Ask what their experience is. Check out their resume.

4. Listing with a real estate agent who does not specialize in your local area.

Statistics show that local Realtors are able to get the best possible price for your property for the simple reason that they know your area and the local properties well. Most buyers work with real estate agents who know the local area well. And by "local", I mean really local. If they don't have an office in the neighborhood, you may be choosing the wrong listing agent. In Cobb Mt for instance, about 70% of all properties are sold by the agents who have offices in the neighborhood. Please don't take unnecessary risks.

5. Not listing with a fully internet-savvy real estate agent.

More than 80% of buyers are using the internet to find their property. The way real estate is sold has changed dramatically over recent years. Make sure that you list your property with a Realtor who takes full advantage of these recent trends, and has invested strongly in internet marketing. The more potential buyers you have for your property, the greater the price you will get and the quicker you sell. These days you cannot afford to miss out on the buyers internet exposure will get you. Simply being listed on will not get you this full exposure. Ask them to show you how they will get this exposure. Ask to see their personal real estate website.

6. Get a written commitment or guarantee of marketing.

You are placing your trust in a real estate agent of your choice. Be sure that your agreement with them is clear by ensuring that you have a written guarantee of the marketing activity they are going to do for you over the listing period. Then follow up to make sure they are doing what they have said they will do.

7. Listing with a Realtor who is not networked with other real estate companies and people.

Your listing agent is responsible to market your property not only to the general public, but also to other real estate salespeople who may be representing potential buyers of your property. If they do not understand this, they may be ignoring a large section of the market to your detriment. The real estate salespeople who are best placed to do this are those who are part of multi-network offices both locally and regionally. If a potential listing agent, does not mention marketing to the local realtors in their marketing presentation, take this as a warning sign.

8. Not listing with a Realtor.

Not all real estate salespeople are Realtors. A Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors. They abide by their stringent code of ethics. Ask any real estate agent if they are a member of NAR and therefore a Realtor. Why would you list your property with someone who was not accountable to the ethical standards of the NAR?
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