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I'm a proud mother of three beautiful teenagers. One has just left the next and is now attending UC Davis so I'm working hard to beat the empty nest blues. I've just relocated to Cloverdale where I''m living with my youngest son, Matt and a few miles from my oldest son Mark. Both are thriving here in this lush bedroom community at the Northern tip of Sonoma County, just below Mendocino County and Lake County, my home away from home. I lived in Lake County for seven years where I launched a successful real estate career built on compassion and an intense desire to help solve our current market crisis one home owner at a time. 

I enjoy running immensely and when my son Matt announced he was going to be on the cross country team for Cloverdale High School I decided to move my home base to him. After all, I love driving the Hopland Grade into Lakeport in gorgeous Lake County and it's only an hour commute. There is virtually no traffic. Lake County offers Clear Lake, a bass fisherman's choice in California, stunning panoramic views and a sunny climate with about 10 days a year reaching 110's and 10 more slipping into the 20's. I loved the sun there and I loved running with my friends. But there was one run that beat them all and that was with my son Matt at the Lake County Park on Soda Bay. I decided then that I would move when Rebecca went off to University on September 17, 2011. 

I know most of Sonoma County and have lived in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Petaluma, where I home schooled my three children for several of the best years of my life. We spent many days learning and exploring many of the local, county, and state parks throughout Sonoma County to the shores of the North Bay. I must admit, the libraries were my favorite destinations. Having young ones so close in age, I rarely made it beyond the children's sections though. 

I grew up and left Los Angeles County at age 18 to attend Sonoma State University to study first English then Business. Though I've had my real estate sales license since 1993, my children came first and I set the license aside. In 2005 I picked it up again and learned the art of marketing with CPS Country Air Properties, a valuable education. In 2008 I moved to Timothy Toye & Associates, where Timothy Toye a master in the craft of sales, taught me to close transactions. 

Short sales were a natural for me. I have empathy for the homeowner who just lost their job or their spouse, for the mother who was diagnosed with cancer, and for the senior whose social security was reduced by half. I understand the gas prices were more than some could bear so relocation was imminent. It all hurts and I want to help those who are willing to do something to help our nation get back on track. Sometimes I've encouraged my clients to press into a loan modification harder. Sometimes, I've suggested a client see an attorney who has advised against short sale. In the end, if a short sale is viable I'm ready for the next step and I'm ready to the end. I get along with everyone so I don't mind calling the negotiators and working out the many quirks and kinks that arise throughout the transaction. I don't mind working with the agent who has never done the short sale. I'm patient yet tenacious in closing. If there is help to be had through a short sale, I'm here to provide the experienced service. To find out more about a home short sale visit my short sale information Website athttps://hosted.cdpe.com/148937

You can reach me most quickly by email at ambakes@gmail.com second by phone at (707) 245-6090. 

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