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MichaelFernHeadshot.jpgMICHAEL FERN

Foreclosure/Short-Sale Specialist -Sellers & Buyers Agent

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Michael Fern understands Lake County Real Estate. He's invested in, and developed, numerous properties throughout the County over the years, and as such, has developed an in-depth knowledge of current property values and the local real estate market as a whole. Michael's also a foreclosure and short-sale specialist and is knowledgable in creative financing/no money down and "OPM" techniques. He has more than 20 years of experience as a consummate real estate marketing and business professional.
Michael created and established one of North America's leading national real estate marketing and advertising service providers, whose national clients include Coldwell Banker, Prudential Real Estate Remax, and Century 21, just to name a few.
Several years ago, he established a business relationship with Realtor, Timothy Toye, who acted as Michael's broker on many of Michael's purchase and sale real estate transactions over the years. Their business dealings soon turned into a friendship, and subsequently has become a successful real estate broker/agent relationship.
If you're in the market to either buy or sell a property, or if you're looking for a hot foreclosure or short-sale property, feel free to call Michael on his direct line at (707) 928-1995 or email him at Michael@teamtoye.com for a completely confidential, no-obligation conversation. You'll find him approachable, sincere, friendly and very trustable.

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Michael Fern Real Estate License #01821806

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baker.gifANNE BAKER

Experienced in Short Sale
I'm a proud mother of three beautiful teenagers. One has just left the next and is now attending UC Davis so I'm working hard to beat the empty nest blues. I've just relocated to Cloverdale where I''m living with my youngest son, Matt and a few miles from my oldest son Mark. Both are thriving here in this lush bedroom community at the Northern tip of Sonoma County, just below Mendocino County and Lake County, my home away from home. I lived in Lake County for seven years where I launched a successful real estate career built on compassion and an intense desire to help solve our current market crisis one home owner at a time.

I enjoy running immensely and when my son Matt announced he was going to be on the cross country team for Cloverdale High School I decided to move my home base to him. After all, I love driving the Hopland Grade into Lakeport in gorgeous Lake County and it's only an hour commute. There is virtually no traffic. Lake County offers Clear Lake, a bass fisherman's choice in California, stunning panoramic views and a sunny climate with about 10 days a year reaching 110's and 10 more slipping into the 20's. I loved the sun there and I loved running with my friends. But there was one run that beat them all and that was with my son Matt at the Lake County Park on Soda Bay. I decided then that I would move when Rebecca went off to University on September 17, 2011.

I know most of Sonoma County and have lived in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Petaluma, where I home schooled my three children for several of the best years of my life. We spent many days learning and exploring many of the local, county, and state parks throughout Sonoma County to the shores of the North Bay. I must admit, the libraries were my favorite destinations. Having young ones so close in age, I rarely made it beyond the children's sections though.

I grew up and left Los Angeles County at age 18 to attend Sonoma State University to study first English then Business. Though I've had my real estate sales license since 1993, my children came first and I set the license aside. In 2005 I picked it up again and learned the art of marketing with CPS Country Air Properties, a valuable education. In 2008 I moved to Timothy Toye & Associates, where Timothy Toye a master in the craft of sales, taught me to close transactions.

Short sales were a natural for me. I have empathy for the homeowner who just lost their job or their spouse, for the mother who was diagnosed with cancer, and for the senior whose social security was reduced by half. I understand the gas prices were more than some could bear so relocation was imminent. It all hurts and I want to help those who are willing to do something to help our nation get back on track. Sometimes I've encouraged my clients to press into a loan modification harder. Sometimes, I've suggested a client see an attorney who has advised against short sale. In the end, if a short sale is viable I'm ready for the next step and I'm ready to the end. I get along with everyone so I don't mind calling the negotiators and working out the many quirks and kinks that arise throughout the transaction. I don't mind working with the agent who has never done the short sale. I'm patient yet tenacious in closing. If there is help to be had through a short sale, I'm here to provide the experienced service. To find out more about a home short sale visit my short sale information Website at https://hosted.cdpe.com/148937.

You can reach me most quickly by email at ambakes@gmail.com second by phone at (707) 245-6090.

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Anne Baker Real Estate License #01165299 

JANICE HODGES Janice2103.jpg

“Where Owning Becomes Reality”

Specializes in Real Estate Investments, Wineries, Sustainable Communities, Farms, Collectives & Off-Grid Living. 

Jánice Hodges brings to her real estate profession a diverse range of people skills and business experience, over 30 years, which serves her well in selling real estate in Lake County, where she absolutely loves helping people find their dream home, or helping them sell their current home or business and take the next important step in their lives.

Beginning with working with her father in his import/export business, Westransco Freight Co. in Long Beach California in 1980, she learned valuable business and entrepreneurial skills. She has since worked as a computer tech II and systems analyst for Lake County, an investment consultant for Strong Financial, a tax preparer for H&R Block and a Substance Abuse Counselor at AODP in Mendocino County. She holds bachelor degrees in both Business and Psychology, with concentrations in Finance, Management, Marketing, Accounting & Wine.

Jánice has been involved in her spiritual and sustainable practices for many years now; living off the grid herself, she obtained a license in Permaculture just a few years ago. She has helped many people become more sustainable on their property, and understands the importance of sustainability and alternative energy practices, helping them ‘live off the grid’ by installing alternative energy sources, gray water systems, organic gardens and food forests. Janice is now in school to obtain her certification in Sustainability and Green Building Practices which she plans to incorporate in her Real Estate career.

In her first year in real estate, Jánice was the top rookie in Lake County, since then she has taken over the social media market for real estate in Lake County, and is known as the 'Queen of Social Marketing in Real Estate.'

Janice Hodges Real Estate License #01882693
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Valerie has been involved in some kind of Real Estate all her life. Her father was a Real Estate Broker in Kelseyville back in 1972. While attending Kelseyville High School she worked in her father’s R.E. office as an assistant in Appraising land and homes in the Lake County area. Later she sold Real Estate in Sonoma County. In 1990 Valerie and her family moved to Coeur’d Alene, Idaho and sold Real Estate there. Nine years later she moved back to Lake County, living back in Corinthian Bay with her family. In 1999 she took a break from selling Real Estate and home-schooled her two children while still managing some Real Estate investments.
Valerie loves the Real Estate business and enjoys working with the Team at Timothy Toye and Associates. She also loves Lake County and helping others find their dream home or investment property.

Valerie Tenneson Real Estate License # 00835382

Get in touch with Valerie at 707-481-2669 or valerie@teamtoye.com


Pi Stryker brings cooperation, integrity and dedication to the needs of her clients and to every aspect of a Lake County real estate transaction. An involved community member for almost two decades and an expert on the pleasures of Lake County’s many charming towns and stunning outdoor recreation areas, Pi is the skillful and knowledgeable agent to contact for both buyers and sellers seeking the most satisfying real estate experience.

Before settling down in peaceful Lake County where she enjoys life on five acres in Loch Lomond, Pi studied in Los Angeles receiving her BA in English and MA in Education from UCLA. She spent rewarding time teaching elementary school before finding her true calling in sales after founding and managing a specialty foods distribution company, helping artisanal entrepreneurs place their small-batch products into large scale retail environments.

Committing her enthusiasm to connecting buyers and sellers was a natural fit to the real estate market and Pi has proven to be a winning advocate for each and every one of her clients seeking to live out the Lake County Dream. Using her foresight and experience to proactively lead people through the real estate process, initiating communication, addressing issues before they arise, from the first contact all the way through to closing, even those unfamiliar with the exciting adventure of buying or selling a home will feel empowered by Pi’s capable care and support.

Contact Pi Stryker

Phone: (707)-483-9149 
email: pi@teamtoye.com

Joy Emry 

  Real Estate is Joy Emry's passion starting with Anthony School of Real Estate in 1979 to learn more about the Real Estate field and how she could enter it as an investor. Joy began buying and selling property, building and remodeling homes, developing bare land for resale.

Joy's background includes 14 years as an owner of Higher Grounds Landscaping. While working directly with contractors and property owners, she developed valuable business management skills, and sense of loyalty to her clients.

As of 2002 she became a licensed Realtor and an Accredited Staging Professional in 2004 applying her powerful staging techniques to prepare homes for sale.

Now a Rancher and Horse Breeder Joy has experience with rural and ranch properties. She enjoys the ambiance of small towns and is dedicated to being part of the community. Being a resident of Lakeport and an office in Cobb, working Lake County, along with Sonoma, Mendocino and Napa Counties, you can have confidence in Joys experience and skills to achieve your Real Estate goals.

 Call Joy at (707) 486-9271, or email her at Joy@TeamToye.com

 Joy Emry Real Estate License #01349572

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Direct: 707-295-2271
E: Nora@teamoye.com

California native raising my two grade schoolers in gorgeous and thriving Cobb Ca. With an extensive work history that includes Property Management, Sales, staff supervision and personal assistant, you can be sure you are getting the experience of a seasoned public servant with the excitement of a new agent. As the newest agent to join Timothy Toye's Team and having already spent most of 2020 getting to know the team and the business, I am confident I can journey with you through any real estate venture be it personal or business. Lot's of new opportunities are opening up this year! Let's see what kind of Good Trouble we can get into! Interested in permaculture, tiny houses or Fire Mitigation help, Let's talk!

Realtor  #02136989

Representing Lake County’s homeowners and future homeowners, Kaelen is an enthusiastic, energetic Realtor who takes great pride in her work. She uses her wisdom daily, educating buyers and sellers in today’s real estate market. Great with first-time homebuyers, Kaelen helps ease the stress of making substantial financial decisions and helps her clients build equity for their future. With her knowledge of the real estate market, problem-solving skills, and dedication to helping others, she may be just what you need in today’s competitive market. 

“I highly value good communication and really connecting with my clients. As your agent, I will educate you throughout, however, you will find that I ask you questions, allowing you to come to a decision based on your best interest. Furthermore, I will keep you well informed and give you updates throughout the whole process.” -Kaelen

Originally from Vacaville, CA, she moved to Lake County in 2014. “I instantly fell in love with this place. With amenities like golf & wine tasting and with the lake being so close, living here is like being on a permanent vacation.” In her free time, Kaelen is an avid fisherwoman. When she’s not at the office, she spends time on her bass boat fishing Clear Lake, the leading lake in the country for bass fishing. What happens when you combine a devoted Realtor and Fisherwoman? A new home and a map of Clear Lake’s best fishing spots.

Contact Kaelen James

Phone: (707)-272-4715 
email: kaelen@teamtoye.com


Hello lake County,

I’m Melissa the new Manger with Timothy Toye & Associates Property Management. I have been doing Property Management for a little over 10 years now. I got into property management, because I love helping people. To me it’s extremely rewarding to help someone find a place to call home, and to lift the weight off of the owners shoulders by managing there property, which I take pride in doing. I have amazing ladies on my team, and we are striving to make your experience with Timothy Toye & Associates Property Management an excellent one. We are excited to build new relationships with owners and residents in 2021! 

Looking for a rental or looking to rent your home?

Melissa can be contacted at 707-928-6404 or emailed at Melissa@teamtoye.com

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