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Realtor, Timothy Toye & Associates

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When I was seventeen years old, I would drive up to the office every day after school and work as an assistant for an agent. After graduation, I turned eighteen and got my own license. I casually worked as a licensed assistant for the next couple of years while gaining insight and experience in the business. Now I am 21 years old, with a license to sell, and a motivation to match. I bought my own house, which truly gave me the insight and confidence to help others through the sometimes trying process. I’ve worked with agents who dealt with a variety of different issues, such as trees falling on a house during escrow, and I made sure to ask as many questions as possible. I may not have a decade of experience behind me, but my team does. And I am willing to do whatever it takes to make buying and selling property as easy as possible for my clients. 

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Phone: (707)-413-9411 

email: aaron@teamtoye.com


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