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Selling More Properties Than Any Other Realtor

Timothy has more than 20 years experience successfully selling real estate both in California and the US, as well as in his native land of New Zealand. He has extensive management, investment and marketing experience in the real estate industry, having worked and consulted with Best Image Marketing, the top internet marketers for realtors in North America, and located in Lake County. Both a high Individual producer, having closed over 130 transactions in a year, and a skillful sales manager. In 2003 and 2004 he sold property to more buyers in the whole of Lake County than any other realtor. In 2005 he has sold more properties for both buyers and sellers than any other realtor in the County. In 2006, as well as 2007, he again sold more properties than any other realtor. In 1990 he led his sales team to the #1 residential sales production award in the whole of New Zealand. He has invested personally in real estate extensively in many different kinds of property including single family homes, fixer-uppers, apartment buildings and raw land. He has bought several properties 'creatively' with no money down. As he has made money in real estate, so will he help you. A resident of Lake County since 1991, Timothy brings a combination of personal skills and in-depth experience to ensure your real estate experience is as positive and beneficial for you as possible.

How I Work 
I don't "sell" in the conventional sense, by trying to get you to do something, such as to sell or buy a property, that benefits me by earning a commission. In fact I don't think about commissions at all. My purpose is to help my clients consider their options. My job is to get you to make a well-informed decision. It may be to buy or sell, or it may not. It doesn't matter. If you reach a conscious decision, that is success for me. In fact sometimes I will recommend not to buy or sell, even though this will not be in my immediate financial interest. This enables my clients to trust me, and for me to provide optimum service ethically and with real integrity. Many of my clients are my friends, and I have done business again and again with them, so I really couldn't operate any other way. This way of operating has been successful financially for me, but that is secondary. I have sold real estate for a long time, and I have had to make sure that how I conduct my profession is in accord with the fundamental principles of how I live my life. This is how I do it. - Timothy Toye


1982 Rookie salesperson of the year: Beltons United Real Estate 
1982-1985 Millionaire Sales club: Beltons United Real Estate, Auckland, New Zealand 
1983 Highest number of sales transactions company wide (330 salespeople) with 110 closings: Beltons United Real Estate 
1990 Number #1 Sales Manager (100 offices), residential sales, volume and units, nationwide: United Real Estate, New Zealand 
1999, 2003, 2004 & 2005 Number #1 salesperson: CPS/Country Air Properties, Lake County, California 
1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003 (96 transactions), 2004 (130 transactions), 2005 (127 transactions), 2006 & 2007. Top selling realtor, all companies, for Cobb Mountain area of Lake County. 
2003 Highest number of buyers sold (63), all realtors, all companies for Lake County (over 400). 
2004 Highest number of buyers sold (69), all realtors, all companies for Lake County 
2005 Highest number of total transactions (127), highest number of buyers sold (57.5), highest number of listings sold (66.5) and highest volume $19.5 million of any Lake County realtor. 
2006 Highest number of total transactions (64), highest number of buyers sold (24), highest number of listings sold (40) of any Lake County realtor. $14.5 million sales volume. 
2007 Highest number of total transactions (49.5), highest number of listings sold (30), highest number of buyers sold (19.5) of any Lake County realtor. $10.2 million sales volume. 
2009 Highest number of buyers sold (26) of any Lake County realtor. The 6th time in 7 years. 
2010 Second highest number of buyers sold (19) of any Lake County realtor. 
2011 Highest number of buyers sold (30) of any Lake County realtor. 
2012 Highest number of buyers sold (45) of any Lake County realtor. The 8th time in 10 years. 
2013 Second highest number of buyers sold (35) of any Lake County realtor. 
2003-2013 Highest selling agent in Lake County 8 times.

2001-2014 Total of 900 transactions and $124+ million in closed sales.

2014 Third highest number of listings sold (38) in Lake County

2015 Third highest number of total transactions (68) in Lake County

2016 Second highest number of listings sold (45) in Lake County

Third highest number of buyers sold (29) in Lake County

Highest number of total transactions (74) in Lake County

2017 Highest number of listings sold (53) in Lake County

Highest number of total transactions (76) in Lake County

2018 Highest number of listings sold (52) in Lake County,

Third highest number of buyers sold (24) in Lake County.

Highest number of total transactions (76) 4th year in a row in Lake County.

All sales figures are Timothy's individual figures and do not include sales for other team member.

Awards Banquet 2004 with Phil Smoley 

Press Release

Real Estate License Number 

Timothy Toye #01182874 


"Thank you for your great service!" - Steven & Rebecca Whitt

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and our quick sale!" - Judy & Nicole

"Every aspect of my purchase was handled perfectly" - Matthew Uribe 

"Thanks so much for your efforts.  You earned your commission several times over on this deal. Have a great day" Doug B.

"Thank you!  We appreciate all your help!  It went so fast and we are excited for the future!  It was a pleasure doing business with you!" - Melissa and Tony 

"We have dealt with many Real Estate companies over the years.  Timothy Toye & Associates has been one of our best and most professional experience. He and his staff really stayed on top of the "Short Sale" transaction.  He understood our concerns and kept us updated as needed. Thank you." - Carolyn Czapleski 

"Timothy was the most professional of all staying on top of every aspect of this "Hud" sale, my lender, and the escrow company.  I was ready to walk away a couple of times because of the various factors that lead to a closing date that was 6 weeks later than anticipated, but Timothy's steadfast persistence, and calmness helped hold me in place, and now I have a beautiful home that I got at a good price." - Margaret Linde 

"I couldn't ask for a more supportive, professional, and understanding agent. Thank you times a million." - L. Cade

"I wanted to take the time to tell you "Thank You" again for all of the time you spent working on our house. I know it was exhausting. Just wanted you to know that you are appreciated. Best of luck :-)" - Kim & Kevin Mildenberger, Cobb

"Timothy Toye is very professional, the virtual tour is extremely informative. Timothy is very prompt. I just recommend him to someone in the Riviera."- Bess Sage, Kelseyville

"Timothy Toye and his team worked very hard for us and received immediate offers. All things proceeded smoothly, and we were always able to count on Timothy and his staff for helping us with every need we had as sellers." - Gary & Dennis, Cobb 

"I told Tim Toye I wanted to sell a residence I owned.  He said he would be glad to be of service.  I believe he informed me within days that he had an offer.  It was within the range I wanted.  The sale closed four weeks or so later.  Fast, efficient, painless.  Timothy Toye & Associates are all pros." - D Nevraumont

"One more time it has been a pleasure working with you on this deal, your professionalism is what made this challenging deal possible. Thank you, Tim, once again." - Pepe Mendoza - Bilingual Realtor

"It was clear that Timothy Toye was more interested in understanding our situation and willing to wait (with us) for the right deal. "

After a couple of false starts with other agents in the area, we contacted Timothy Toye (originally found him on the web) to explore the idea of buying a house at Clear Lake.

After one conversation, we saw a huge difference. He was professional, courteous and had the business acumen that we’d been looking for. It was also clear that he was more interested in understanding our situation and willing to wait (with us) for the right deal.

His e-mail service allowed us to explore all available options for almost a year without having to travel to Clear Lake every time something new became available. He was always available to talk about new properties when something came up.

Timothy’s knowledge of the area and vast experience of property sales were very evident at every step of the process that followed. He has a wonderful internal strength that is often displayed externally in a very calming presence to those around.

Once we were ready to purchase, Timothy found exactly what we were looking for in a short period of time. His patience, care for all parties involved, and ability to negotiate through tough situations were critical to our being able to close the deal with favorable terms to all.

Throughout the process, we were completely satisfied with everything. For us as somewhat picky buyers from the Bay Area, this really highlighted Timothy’s skill in working with people.

If you’re looking to Buy or Sell homes/property in or around Clear Lake, there is no one better to work with than Timothy Toye.

Marcus Jacoby

". . .I couldn't imagine dealing with anyone as professional & pleasant as Timothy. Would most definitely recommend your services further."

Nirit Stephens

After listing my lots with Timothy Toye, we received an offer within one month and closed escrow in less than 40 days. This is astounding in today's economy. I was pleased with his results and expect to do business with him again.
Timothy Toye and his staff worked diligently to promote the listing of my lots, using a detailed description on his website to list all the features. Unlike most realtors, he was very thorough in taking many photos and researching the lots for future development. He highlighted the property with numerous photos and made sure all the utilities were mentioned. 
Many other listings for land were competing for buyers at the same time, but none had such well-written text and photos as mine. Timothy and his staff were always available to return my calls or emails and reached me quickly as things developed. He was honest in his assessment of pricing the proerty, but respected my decision.

Eileen G.,

April 17, 2013

In a terrible market, Timothy has sold two of our three properties at a good price with no hassles. What more could you ask for?

Barry Flicker

"The entire experience was flawless thanks to your talent -- we are both very grateful to have the pleasure of meeting you and witnessing a complex transaction skillfully handled from start to finish! Much gratitude, 

- Sanna and David of Whispering Pines 2016

We recently listed our lot, for sale, with Timothy Toye and Associates.  We had our lot listed for a year with another firm.  When the second listing period ended we decided to list with Timothy.  Timothy got it on the internet right away, he also made sure it was known locally that it was for sale.  Timothy sold our lot shortly after listing with him.  He was wonderful about keeping us informed as well as getting back with us when we had questions.  We highly recommend Timothy and Associates. 

Sincerely, Dennis and Patti Paul


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