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Property Management
Property Management


Rental property is a great investment! Let us help keep it that way.  

Real Estate has proven over the decades to be the best and most dependable, or low risk investment. This is because it is an essential commodity, and it is an asset that you can leverage by renting it and receiving an income, whilst at the same time obtaining a capital gain as your asset appreciates over time. However it is not a passive investment. How can you be sure that your asset will obtain its best possible rental income, whilst ensuring it is well-maintained and preserved?   

Professional property management is the answer to this question.  

Renting out a property as a property owner means that you are in the property management business, even if you only have one home. Whilst it may be a way to ensure the expenses of owning your property are covered, you have a responsibility to your tenant to provide a good product or service. They are your customer. If you provide a good service, they will more likely be a good tenant by paying the rent on time, and caring for your valuable asset. If this is something you are not confident in doing, we can help.  

How do you know what rent to charge for your property? Where are the best places to advertise? Are you available to take calls? How soon should I drop the rent if my property is still vacant? How do I screen the tenants? What is their credit like? Do you have the time to check references? What about Fair Housing law? Don't let your property sit vacant and lose valuable income. We market intensively to minimize the time your property sits vacant. We already have a database of potential tenants waiting. Be sure you get a tenant that not only appears dependable, but checks out too. We can help you with this?  

As good as real estate is as an investment, it is still not without risk. For anyone who has owned a home, it is a responsibility. It requires maintenance and care. So too with a rental property. A good tenant can help this. It's always your decision as to who occupies your home, but we can help you find that good tenant.   

Have you ever dealt with a tenant who has been behind in their rent? How good are you at understanding their reasons for being behind? Do you know the laws covering giving tenants notice of eviction and the eviction process? We can help cover all of this for you. And save you money at the same time.  

Timothy Toye bought his first rental property in 1981 and has been involved in property management extensively ever since, including having a number of rental properties in Lake County currently. He understands the principles and practice of successful property management and his team will help you make a success of renting your property.   

We market the properties we have for rent intensively, in local newspapers, and through our highly trafficked website, including email broadcasts to our mailing list. We may already have a tenant waiting for you. We understand that a vacant property costs you money. Our landlords are impressed by how quickly we are able to find tenants, how thoroughly we vet them, and by our professional approach altogether.  

Overall, you will find with our experience, our professional staff, our effective marketing program, that we will not only save you time, but also money. Our landlords are impressed at how quickly we find tenants for their property. and often remark that we save, rather than cost them money.   

We offer professional property management for your residential or commercial property in Lake County to ensure maximum income for you and protection of your asset. 

We have full or partial programs available to you at competitive prices.  

Contact our Property Management Department at (707) 928-6404.

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