Property Management Testimonials

    Property Management Team Includes: 
Melissa Manning (Office Manager)
Marlene (Maintenance)
Elizabeth (Accountant)
Amber (Leasing Agent)
Tracy (Leasing Agent)

Google 2019-2020 reviews
"Melissa handled everything perfectly, she was very responsive with all my questions and concerns about renting out my property. She is a true professional and I highly recommend her for any real estate transaction." - 6/2/2020 Rene Lopez

"Very nice and easy to talk to."- Sammy Walker 2/11/2020

"Melissa is absolutely amazing! She was such a pleasure to work with!? She is lightning fast, super thorough and diligent with getting paperwork handled! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!" - John Rains left a 5 star rating

"Very nice and easy to talk to" - Sammy Walker Left a 5 star review

"Great Broker and they are with you through the whole process 😊" - Rhonda Straub left a 5 star review


"Good team and easy to work with. Melissa Manning placed my tenant in one day and it was hassle free. That was what I was looking for. Thank You!"6/2/2020 - Reviewed by: TL. D

I am more then happy to write this review! I moved back to Lake County in August. I began the process of finding a larger rental about 3 weeks ago. As you know the process can be daunting. Low and behold I found the perfect person to assist me. That would be Elizabeth! What an amazing asset Timothy has in her. Her communication has always been on point. During the process she never stalled the communication...not even once. She is truly one of the most professional women I've met here during the process.  She cares not only about her client, the landlord, but about me & making sure I'm happy as well. She is not only professional, but she is inspirational. She also had my back. If I had a team of rental coordinators I would steal her! An amazing experience in a stressful time. Simple said.....awesome! - Julie G 12/18/2019

Timothy Toye property management has been amazing! They have always gone out of their way to make sure I have been taken care of. I have used this property management since 2017 and they have always been amazing! I recently had to move and knew right away that my new property management needed to be them as well. Sherry went out of her way to make sure that I found a home to my liking; she made my transition effortless.  I have never had a problem with getting anything repaired, they have always been fast in getting back to me. I will gladly continue to do business with Timothy Toye and Associates/property management and would highly recommend them as well. - Reyna F 6/5/2019

From Our Owners

It's not often I have an opportunity to extent such tremendous praise to an operation. Sherry Marie & her staff are simply in a league of their own, truly exceptional individuals, the epitome of professionals. I could write chapters about their follow through, finesse, communication, & pure genuineness. They strive to delight their clients & succeed 10 fold.
Property Owner for Cobb

I came to Timothy Toye & Associates in desperation after having had a particularly bad experience with another management company. They got the house listed almost immediately & reassured me that my property was in good hands. This team is professional, reliable, & trustworthy. I'm so thankful for all they've done.
Property Owner for Clearlake

Everyone is professional & communication is always prompt. A trustworthy & responsible company with which to do business- I highly recommend Timothy Toye & Associates
Property Owner for Lakeport


Couldn't be better! Great job! Sherry & Amy are efficient, smart, friendly, & warm. We are very happy to be working with them.

 -Graham & Joan

Property Owners for Clearlake & Lucerne 

Best experience I have had with a rental or real estate company in Lake County, Ca. Everyone has been caring, responsive, & prompt.
Property Owner for Nice

The Property Management Department consistently finds responsible and friendly tenants for me. I recommend them to anyone needing help finding good tenants.
Property Owner for The Riviera

Knowledgeable, professional staff, handled every detail minimizing the stress of managing my rental property. Highly recommend Timothy Toye & Associates for all of my property needs.
Property Owner for Cobb

This has been very challenging and Sherry & Amy have both been extremely good at responding quickly to any needs I had.
Property Owners for Kelseyville

Thanks Sherry! Sherry Marie and her assistant Amy were wonderful to work with. Sherry's a great people person which is invaluable when dealing with renters. Amy is very professional and has first-rate administrative skills. You can always count on her to know the answer or research the question and get right back to you. I ended up with a nightmare renter (not Sherry's fault) and she was an absolute lifesaver, both pragmatically and emotionally, overseeing the cleanup and rehab job. I sold the rental for top dollar without the pain of seeing my house upon the tenant's eviction (I live in Texas). Using Timothy Toye & Associates Property Management service made long distance landordling possible.
Property Owner for Lucerne


Our home has consistently been rented through Timothy Toye & Associates. Sherry and her team are quick to address any questions or concerns.
-Dave & Merita
Property Owners for Pirate's Cove, Clearlake

I have been dealing with this property management team since 2011. They have always found me a reliant tenant in a reasonable time. They are professional, honest, and business-like.
Property Owner for Cobb

We purchased a fixer-upper duplex and had work that would take a few months to get done because we live out of town and could only work on weekends. Sherry came over to talk to us and handled all of the fixing up work for us. Both units were rented out within 2 months. We have been very happy with your service and would be happy to recommend you to others in similar situations.
 -Ronald & George
Property Owners for Lakeport 

Sherry & Amy kept us informed. We appreciate the detailed screening and professional paperwork. Money well spent to obtain good tenants that will take care of the property and pay rent in a timely fashion.
Property Owners for Mount Hannah

If you have a rental, Timothy Toye & Associates will find you a dependable renter and guide you through all of the details for a proper rental agreement between you and your tenant.
Property Owner for The Riviera

The advise and guidance from Sherry made a difficult situation doable. I am very grateful to have Sherry & Amy as my rental gurus. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly helpful. After months of remodeling, the process of renting my home seemed overwhelming. I didn't know where to begin to find the kind of renters that would take care of my home and be financially dependable. They came to my rescue with kindness, assurance and confidence. They screened applicants, set-up appointments, have a very complete rental agreement which covers things that I didn't even know could be issues, and have wonderful follow through. I loved working with them and I got very good renters. I highly recommend all  Timothy Toye Associates. I also bought my house with Timothy Toye and was impressed with the efficiency, professionalism and successful outcome.
Property Owner for The Riviera

My Overall experience was good and I would use your company again for my professional needs. I would rate your property management staff as very good and thorough. You cover all the bases in protecting your client and ensuring that the applicants are worthy tenants. I would highly recommend Timothy Toye & Associates for your real estate needs as they protect their clients needs in Real Estate transactions and are knowledgeable and professional. They took a tremendous burden off of my shoulders by finding a tenant for my rental property.
Property Owner for Cobb

Timothy Toye's property management service made the entire process of renting my property as efficient & painless as possible. They very quickly found an appropriate tenant and they helped us prepare the property every step of the way. I highly recommend them.
Property Owner for Loch Lomond

Timothy Toye & Associates is a joy to work with. Prompt, professional, and pleasant. The entire staff makes property management simple and uncomplicated.
-Dave & Monica
Owners of 3 Cobb Properties

This is my first time working with a property manager and it's been great. Thank you!
Property Owner for Cobb

Thanks for getting the home back in good condition and finding a better tenant.
Property Owner for The Riviera

Kept me in the loop, friendly and outgoing. Very patient and understanding in all matters. I feel I have two new friends in Amy & Sherry Marie. Thank you so much.
Property Owner for Cobb

To the Office of Timothy Toye,
You guys are the best. After a couple of months of stress & sleepless nights as I tried to rent our house myself, I found comfort & success at the offices of Timothy Toye, especially in the capable hands of Sherry and her sidekick Amy. Sherry was first & foremost a counselor, relieving much of my anxiety. She answered a multitude of concerns, was able to articulate potential pitfalls, & found us excellent tenants. I feel confident that my tenants were well vetted & the lease is safely written.

I would also like to thank Timothy & Sherry for meeting me at our property to help evaluate our options. If ever I need to rent our house again, or decide to sell our property, I find comfort in knowing you are there & that I will know exactly where I will go.

Thanks Again,
Susan & Cal
Property Owners for North Heights

It was all great; awesome services. Very professional.
-Ignacio & Elia
Property Owners for Lower Lake

We feel Sherry's contacts have been paramount in keeping our house rented.
-Dave & Merita
Property Owners for Pirate's Cove, Clearlake

I recommend T. Toye & Associates to people with property or rental issues in Lake County.
- Dale & Alisa

Sherry handled the renting process professionally and returned all calls/concerns promptly.
Property Owners for Cobb

After being a landlord I was glad Sherry took over.
Property Owner for Cobb

Very helpful, stress reducing. Very friendly, professional; they did what I cannot and know when to say no.
Property Owner for Middletown

Everyone is supportive & professional.
Property Owner for Clearlake

Great Experience. Sherry should be put up for Sainthood.
Property Owner for Clearlake & Cobb

Excellent, Sherry is wonderful to work with. Timothy Toye & Associates provided us with excellent & efficient service and we were very pleased with the whole process. I highly recommend doing business with them.
Property Owners for Loch Lomond

From Our Tenants 

We were displaced due to the Valley Fire & needed a rental in a hurry. Sherry found it right away & we were able to move in a week later. Very successful transaction.
 -Don & Glenda
Tenant in Lakeport

We were very pleased with the service provided by Amy at Timothy Toye & Associates. Amy went above & beyond to get our rental keys during the Holidays. It has been a very positive experience.
 -Dwain & Deanna
Tenants in Hidden Valley Lake

Come! "Toye Around" Cobb Mountain. Let Timothy Toye's staff & associates assist your search with their knowledge, experience & know-how, I did and it was well worth it. Gratefully, a satisfied customer.
Tenant in Cobb

Everything was handled smoothly and effortlessly.
Tenants in Cobb

Not a bad word to say about Sherry & Amy's diligence! They're amazing! What a team! Sherry & Amy were wonderful & forthright in getting us our wonderful home. The paperwork was done in such a quick & professional manner; we were delighted!
 -Sam & Connie
Tenants in Nice

Best service I've ever had.
 -Mark & Casey
Tenants in Cobb

The application process was one of the easiest and most professionally handled that either of us has every experienced.
-John & Michelle
Tenants in Cobb

My rental was handled very well. Things went quite smoothly for just moving to the area. Thanks to both Sherry & Amy for their help.
Tenant in Cobb 

I needed a place immediately and Sherry & Amy helped me find a place and got me qualified very quickly.
Tenant in Cobb 


Sherry and Amy are very professional and always putting forth their best effort to make sure all issues are handled timely and accurately. I highly recommend Timothy Toye & Associates. The staff is friendly, professional and always puts their customer first. Since moving into one of their properties, I have had several personal challenges. Sherry and Amy have worked with me on these challenges beyond what's required and I can't thank them enough. It's always a pleasure communicating with them as they are always so welcoming and go the extra mile for their customers. Thank you Sherry and Amy for making my move to a different community a smooth transition!
Tenant in Cobb


Sherry is the best!! I have been renting for a year & a half, she has always been professional. I have referred 3 clients to her and they too are happy. She deserves a big fat raise...
Tenant in Clearlake Oaks

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