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Most anthropologists think the first people who settled in what is now the Middletown CA real estate market were Pomo Indians who lived near the Harbin Hot Springs. They constructed many interesting hogans that featured rounded roofs and conic designs.

The first known European settler who constructed homes in Middletown CA was J.H. Berry. He constructed a home in 1870 near Harbin Hot Springs. He was soon joined by many English settlers who established a thriving quicksilver mining industry that lasted until the end of the 19th century.

Middleton residents established a robust ranching industry during the early 1900s that attracted many new settlers to the area. Many of the ranches that were established during this time were located near thriving farms that produced high-quality pears and walnuts.

Middleton's economy received a boost during the 1950s after residents established several resorts near Harbin Hot Springs and Hidden Valley Lake. These resorts were replaced in the late 1970s and early 1980s by electrical power plants that were located near Harbin Hot Springs.

The demand for Middleton homes for sale increased during the 1990s after Bay Area-residents discovered the value of Middleton's location near Hidden Valley Lake and the Bay Area's largest employers. Much of this demand was spurred by commuters who travel each day to and from the Napa Valley and San Francisco.

Middletown is now a modern California city that offers Bay Area residents a atmosphere, many outdoor attractions and many affordable homes. These benefits make living in Middletown worthwhile for commuters and retirees who are interested in relocating near California's Middleton County.

For more information about Middletown's history, please visit the website that is maintained by the Middletown and Hidden Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The Middletown County Park and Pool Department Offers Several Recreational FacilitiesMiddletown, CA Real Estate

The Middletown County Park and Pool Department maintains several recreational facilities that offer access to several athletic fields, bird watching facilities nature trails, fishing spots, horseback riding centers, playgrounds and recreational activities. Some of the most popular facilities include the Middletown Trailside Nature Park, the Westshore Community Pool Center, the Indian Valley Reservoir Recreation Reserve. Other popular recreational facilities include a senior center and 25 parks.

Moreover, the Highland Springs Recreational Area offers several recreational activities that are open to all Middletown residents. Some of these activities include fishing classes, recreational golf tournaments, children's horseback riding lessons and outdoor survival classes.

Middletown Is Home to Many Interesting Outdoor Attractions

Middleton is home to many interesting outdoor attractions that are fun to explore. Some of these attractions include Blue Lakes Recreational Complex, Anderson Marsh State Historic Park, Nice Community Beach, Hidden Valley Lake Equestrian Center and Cobb Mountain Golf Course.

Moreover, the Middleton Area Is Home to Many Interesting Events

Middleton-area residents host several interesting events that offer home buyers a wonderful way to explore the area near Hidden Valley Lake. Some of these events include the Victorian Christmas Festival, the Lakeport Oktoberfest Festival, the Lake County Fair, the South Lake Farmers Market and the Blues Lake Blues Festival. For details about other Middletown-area events, please visit the Lake County Chamber of Commerce’s event website.
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